Observing the layers of peeling paint, crumbling plaster, and centuries of weathering felt like I was looking back in time, compressing the past with the present. The walls in Florence, Italy made time seem tangible, fragile and monumental simultaneously. This perception of time and its effects on our bodies and surroundings keeps me constantly searching for ways to make sense of my life experience through art making. 

     In my recent work I am conscious of my effort to look towards the currents and layers of complex inner landscapes. I explore these landscapes using texture and color as metaphor for what is tangible and intangible.  To me, painting is both additive and subtractive, allowing for the discovery of gestures, colors and textures.  My process moves between disciplines exploring how the physical presence of sculpture informs my treatment of two dimensional surface and emergence of imagery. Through a series of processes involving painting, scraping, collaging, and sanding, sometimes to the point of puncturing the surface, the process reveals a history of marks which I recognize as as familiar figures or precarious, fragmented environments.  Playing with contradiction and duality is presently at the forefront of my work.  The combination of these fragmented environments with the play of contradictory elements forms my search for understanding life.  I strive to remain open to unexpected connections in the work, a practice that reflects my studio habits and my way of moving through the world.  

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